Stress Fracture Treatment: Guiding Your Path to Healing

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Effective Care for Stress Fractures at Central Florida Foot & Ankle Institute

Stress fractures are small cracks in a bone, often caused by repetitive force or overuse, such as frequently running long distances. At Central Florida Foot & Ankle Institute, we provide specialized treatment for stress fractures in the foot and ankle, ensuring a safe and effective return to your daily activities.

Understanding Stress Fractures

These injuries are common in athletes, especially those participating in running sports or activities involving repetitive impact. However, anyone can develop stress fractures, especially if there is a sudden increase in physical activity or if there is underlying bone weakness.

Symptoms of Stress Fractures

  • Pain that develops gradually, increases with weight-bearing activity, and diminishes with rest
  • Swelling on the top of the foot or on the outside of the ankle
  • Tenderness to touch at the site of the fracture
  • Possible bruising

Our Approach to Stress Fracture Treatment

Our treatment focuses on allowing the bone to heal and preventing further injury:

  • Rest and Activity Modification: Crucial for allowing your bone to heal properly.
  • Supportive Footwear or Bracing: To protect the fracture and reduce stress on your foot.
  • Physical Therapy: To strengthen surrounding muscles and improve bone health.
  • Nutritional Advice: Ensuring you get the necessary nutrients to promote bone healing.

Advanced Treatment Options

For more complex cases or if traditional treatment doesn’t lead to improvement, we may consider:

  • Specialized Casting or Protective Boot: To immobilize the area and promote healing.
  • Bone Stimulators: Devices that use ultrasonic or pulsed electromagnetic waves to speed up bone healing.

Why Choose Central Florida Foot & Ankle Institute for Stress Fracture Care?

  • Our team has extensive expertise in diagnosing and treating foot and ankle stress fractures.
  • We provide a personalized treatment plan based on your specific needs and activity level.
  • We use the latest diagnostic tools to ensure accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.
  • Our goal is to not only heal the current fracture but also to prevent future injuries.

Prevention and Education

We believe in the importance of education and prevention. We’ll work with you to understand the causes of stress fractures and how to prevent them, including training techniques, proper footwear, and nutrition tips.

Get Back on Your Feet Safely

If you suspect you have a stress fracture, or if you're experiencing persistent foot or ankle pain, contact our friendly staff at Central Florida Foot & Ankle Institute. We’re here to help you heal and return to your active lifestyle safely and effectively.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not replace professional medical advice. Patients should consult with a healthcare provider for any medical concerns or before making decisions about all surgical and treatment procedures.


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